Hey – I’m Désirée

I go through life with an almost compulsive curiosity for how things are inter-connected. I look for patterns and try to bring our everyday themes into a wider context. Maybe that’s what predestined me to become a strategist – looking for context and understanding the dynamics between brand and individuals, trends and business economics, or self and collective.

We’re all looking for the big picture

This is a place of healthy questioning, excavating insights from the themes that run through our individual, socio-cultural and professional lives. Some may call it looking for meaning. I call it going through life with open eyes and a sharp mind – free of preconceptions while forming an opinion.

From one human to another

I share observations and perspectives, and strive to recognize patterns and understand impact on brand, creativity, self-actualization and our social collective. What you will find here are my views and opinions, explorations and insights. I strive to be neither neutral nor biased. Just human.

This is above all a social-letter, not your traditional newsletter.

Comments and ideas are welcomed. New perspectives are appreciated.

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